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Japanese women have top ten short bob hairstyles that they use all the time. Their short hair is a sign of beauty and quite an impressive personality. Short bob hairstyles create a flirty and trendy look for Japanese women. The styles, however, require regular trimming and maintenance to make them look great. The list below presents the top five Japanese short bob hairstyles.

  • Red Raven hairstyle;
  • Creamy cut hairstyle;
  • Short whispers hairstyle;
  • Short wavy hairstyle.

There are more Japanese short bob hairstyles on top of the provided list. More short bob hairstyles include; sleek and smooth, vampiress, berry bob, platinum ice, and asymmetrical haircut. There are other styles that Japanese women also use, but for this guide, the top eight are discussed.

Red Raven Hairstyle 

This hairstyle gives you a sleek look as it has a lustrous haircut. The bob falls softly and has rounds with layers tapering towards the edges. It gives a subtle, simple look since the bangs are absent.

Creamy Cut Hairstyle 

This style has the rear part of the hair falling above the shoulders while on the front part, it slides gently. The big bangs and layers are reduced to create a slope highlighting the subtle curves.

Chocolate Delight Hairstyles

This haircut blends beautifully with long layers of hair in the front while giving a luster to the hair with layers. The style gives a voluminous look through short layers while the layers in front fall towards the jaws.

Short Whispers Hairstyle 

This bob hairstyle allows your hair to remain parallel to the chin while the bangs lean over the forehead. You will experience an airy feeling since the layers are spaced well with a proper blend.

Short Wavy Hairstyle

The hairstyle has feathery layers, which make the haircut appear subtle as the layers fall above the chin. This style gives a wavy texture and is suitable for those who do not want bangs. 

Sleek and Smooth Hairstyle

This bob hairstyle implicates a strong character and has a dense layer of hair. The layer falls on the face to frame the face beautifully. Adding bold highlights also adds a sleek look with an adventurous statement. 

Berry Bob Hairstyle

This hairstyle allows you to add color to the hair making it appear attractive and flattering. You can highlight the bangs with the color of your choice. When the bangs are unsharpened, they give a perfect shape.

Asymmetrical Haircut

This hairstyle defines a charismatic personality as the length of the hair leans towards one side of the head. The layers fall below the face and touch the neck while on the other side, the hair is short and leans towards the ear lobes.

The Japanese short bob hairstyles define various attributes about their women. The hairstyles give a variety of looks which are trendy and classic. The haircuts are done depending on one’s size, shape and the look of the face.

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