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You can wear a stunning bob and get a glammed up look. There are several stunning feathered bob hairstyles that would fit any woman who is looking for a trendy and classic fit. While many think that bob hairstyles comprise short haircuts, a new trend introduces both medium bobs and lobs. The lobs can be shoulder-length bobs. There are also many varieties of haircuts falling under the “bob” category. One of the best stunning bob styles if the feathered bob. Feathered Bob hairstyle can allow you to put side-swept and curly feathered bobs as well as for trim bobs. Some of the feathered bob hairstyles are listed below;

  • Long bob with bangs;
  • Side-swept feathered bob;
  • Curly feathered bob;
  • Sleek feathered bob;
  • Choppy Bob.

There are about ten stunning feathered bob hairstyles that can give any woman a glammed up look. Despite those listed above, other styles include feather trim, two-toned short bob, russet auburn bob, feathered side-swept bangs, and long feathered bob. Some of the styles are discussed below. 

Long Bob with Bangs 

You will get a stunning look when you put a wavy feathered bob following the contours of your jawline. The soft fringe hairstyle is known to be dynamic and modern as it gives rise to an ultra-chic factor. This allows one to wear perfect hairstyle anywhere. 

Side-Swept Feathered Bob

This hairstyle gives a gorgeous look with a big curly side-swept feathered bob. When the locks are styled with bouncy mass curls at the bottom of your hair, the hairstyle gives a playful and romantic look. For you to get perfect undone curls, you have to use a volumizing hair mousse with a roller to create voluminous curls. The pesky flyaways are tamed with a hairspray. 

Curly Feathered Bob

A completely stunning look can be achieved by this bob feathered hairstyle. The auburn locks will be amazing when done with structured curls at the bottom of the hair. An additional side-swept bang also accentuates your facial features. For you to get playful tight curls, you should wrap the small sections of hair around a curling tong until they are set. Hairspray should be used to keep the curls in place.

Sleek Feathered Bob

This hairstyle is suitable if you have fine hair where a blunt cut at the bottom adds volume to thin locks. To attain a fresh look, you should ensure the bob is super-glossy and is longer than the length of your chin. 

Stunning feathered bob hairstyles can give you a trendy and classic look fitting your facial needs. The hairstyles are beautiful and easy to work out to most women. If you want a shoulder-length as well as curly hairstyle, feathered bob haircut styles will suit your needs. You have to choose the best haircut that suits you to get a glammed up look.

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